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About McPhee Auto Sales

At McPhee's, we Specialize in Insurance Recovery Vehicles:

An Insurance Recovery Vehicle can be the best value on the road!

Most used vehicles are on the market because the original owner found something better. If a car is worth keeping, it's probably not for sale. This isn't true of Insurance Recovery Vehicles. Simply put, we take advantage of the insurance company's inability to properly assess costs related to repairing stolen, vandalized or otherwise damaged vehicles. If assessed properly, these vehicles can be economically repaired to strict government specifications and sold far below normal market prices.

The Province of Ontario has a branding process which was designed to help the consumer. The brands are as follows:

  1. No Brand - This means the vehicle has not been reported to the Ministry of Transportation as having been damaged in an accident, and therefore is not subject to Province of Ontario testing.
  2. Salvage - This means both the insurance company and the Ministry of Transportation agree that the vehicle can be safely repaired and, with proper testing, be returned to factory specifications.
  3. Rebuilt - This means the vehicle has passed all the tests required by the Ministry of Transportation to be safely returned to the road. In fact, it must meet or exceed factory measurement specifications, and a factory measurement report, a factory four wheel alignment report and a rebuild audit report are all sent to the Ministry of Transportation. This is the brand most relevant to a consumer seeking assurance that a vehicle has been expertly and comprehensively repaired.
  4. Irreparable - This is the brand commonly referred to as a "Write Off". This means both the insurance company and the Ministry of Transportation agree that the vehicle can not safely be repaired. Consumers, of course, should avoid vehicles with this designation.

It helps to remember that 90% of vehicles on the road have had some kind of damage. A properly repaired and tested Insurance Recovery vehicle is likely to be a safer and more affordable alternative than many vehicles in the used car market. At McPhee's, we're happy to provide that alternative!

Our Warranty

We partner with some of Canada's leading third-party Warranty providers, if you prefer the added security of an aftermarket warranty plan. Talk to us and we'll discuss your options.